Apply to Innovate Charlotte Venture Mentoring Pilot

We are looking for companies interested in taking the next step in their entrepreneurial journey as part of our Venture Mentoring pilot program based on renowned MIT VMS Program.

Details on the Pilot

  • Program Duration: 6 months
  • Applicaiton Deadline: April 28, 2018
  • Cost to participate: Free
  • Number of Spots: 6-10 (depends on the number of mentors)
  • Goal of the Pilot: to guide each participant through group mentorship to the next milestone on their entrepreneurial journey.
Your Name *
Your Name
General Information
What exactly do you do? Why you started the company, the problem you are solving, your solution, what's unique about your approach to the problem.
Team and Committment
How long have you been working together? How many people are on your team? Their key roles?
Traction and Funding
Provide your revenue/customer/user growth. Include totals and month-over-month growth for the last 6 months.
Include everyone with at least 5% stake, their title and percentage.
Additional Information